The Annonymous Female (grooveslut) wrote in winnipegveg,
The Annonymous Female

allergy free recipe request

I am posting this in a few vegetarian communities because I'd love any recipes I can find. I have a number of allergies and while I am quite happy with my limited (but healthy) daily diet once in a while I do want something different. If you know of a recipe I can have please let me know. Here are the foods I *can* eat:

- brown rice (organic only and this includes rice cakes and pasta)
- apples
- celery
- beets
- cucumber
- carrots
- organic frozen corn (have not had success with corn chips even organic)
- celtic sea salt
- fresh ginger
- garlic in small doses
- organic maple syrup
- raw plain cashews
- raw plain almonds
- fresh lemon juice in small doses
- olive oil

I just really want to have some kind of meal that I can cook that doesn't taste like the things I currently eat (salad with a nut based dressing, plain rice, rice cakes with maple syrup, and rice pasta with olive oil salt and garlic). All of the recipes I have looked at, including raw recipes, for real hearty meal type foods involve either potatoes, tomatoes, or legumes of some sort (usually soy) all of which I can not have. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have a dehydrator so I'll even go so far as cooking the rice, dehydrating it, grinding it down to a flour or whatever is needed if you have some recipe that calls for it.
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