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Please excuse the cross-posting, but I'm really attached to this vegetarian-run coffeehouse, and would hate to see it go!


Dregs Cafe & Gallery, a local Osborne Village business in danger of shutting down tomorrow (Friday) due to a $2,000 shortfall, will be holding a fundraiser and silent auction TONIGHT (Thursday, April 7) in order to raise money to keep the business open.

The auction will start at roughly 9:00 pm, with prizes from various Osborne Village and Corydon businesses, including clothing, a stereo, gift certificates, movie passes and more. The silent auction fundraiser will also be accompanied by an open-jam by Saint Benedict's Table.

Dregs opened in the fall of 2004 and has fast become a staple of the local arts community. The cafe, located at 167 Osborne St, features entertainment nearly every night, including musicians, writers, and poets. Dregs has also been a haven and meeting place for visual artists, particularly those with no other means to publicly display their work. The cafe also acts as a gallery for local artists.

However, the business has recently fallen into financial straits after a tough winter. Owner Lani Bender is confident that business will pick up now that spring has hit, but in order to do so, the cafe needs to raise $2,228 by 4:30 TOMORROW (Friday).

Donations can be made directly at Dregs Café, 167 Osborne St. If enough money is not raised by Friday afternoon, it will be returned to donors. For more information, please contact Dregs at 478-4946.


Lindsey Wiebe
Programming Coordinator
The Writers' Collective
4th Floor Library, University of Winnipeg

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Hmmmm I didn't know it was closing, haven't been there in awhile But they do wonderful things,