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The Annonymous Female

Raw Foods books for sale

I have a Collection of 9 Raw Foods books. I paid over $400 for this collection and will sell for $250. Due to my food allergies I am finding I am not using any recipe books I own as there are only a couple recipes in each book that I can use, that is the only reason I am selling these, they are all great books. I have already sold my collection of vegan and vegetarian ones so now here are my raw ones. Most of these books can not be bought locally and so paying for shipping can be really expensive which means if you buy these new it can cost a lot. If you are not interested in the collection I have listed the retail prices for each one separately (not including shipping which is what made them so expensive to purchase in the first place and would make them more expensive for you to buy on your own), make an offer if you so desire. All of them are in near perfect condition with maybe a spill or two from use in the kitchen. The only exception is RGLFC which I would have to say is in good condition but definately well used.

- Vice Cream by Jeff Rogers $19
- Raw the Uncook Book by Juliano $50
- The Complete Book of Raw Food by Baird $38
- Living Cousine by Underkoffler $33
- Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine (RGLFC) by Dr. Gabriel Cousens $35
- Living on Live Food by Alissa Cohen $50
- The Raw Gourmet by Nomi Shannon $30
- Raw in Ten Minutes by Bryan Au $20
- RAW by Charlie Trotter and Roxanne Klein $50

p.s. I hope this is okay to post here, the community info doesn't say anything about for sale ads
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