The Annonymous Female (grooveslut) wrote in winnipegveg,
The Annonymous Female

allergy free recipe request

I am posting this in a few vegetarian communities because I'd love any recipes I can find. I have a number of allergies and while I am quite happy with my limited (but healthy) daily diet once in a while I do want something different. If you know of a recipe I can have please let me know. Here are the foods I *can* eat:

- brown rice (organic only and this includes rice cakes and pasta)
- apples
- celery
- beets
- cucumber
- carrots
- organic frozen corn (have not had success with corn chips even organic)
- celtic sea salt
- fresh ginger
- garlic in small doses
- organic maple syrup
- raw plain cashews
- raw plain almonds
- fresh lemon juice in small doses
- olive oil

I just really want to have some kind of meal that I can cook that doesn't taste like the things I currently eat (salad with a nut based dressing, plain rice, rice cakes with maple syrup, and rice pasta with olive oil salt and garlic). All of the recipes I have looked at, including raw recipes, for real hearty meal type foods involve either potatoes, tomatoes, or legumes of some sort (usually soy) all of which I can not have. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have a dehydrator so I'll even go so far as cooking the rice, dehydrating it, grinding it down to a flour or whatever is needed if you have some recipe that calls for it.
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I know this remains on the light side, but most of your veggies are juicer-friendly.

You might try taking leftover cold rice and stiring in sliced apples, nuts, and maybe some syrup and lemon juice for flavour. I'm picturing this with the chewy short grain brown rice, which is a world apart from long grain brown rice.

Check out the copper coin carrots at - you'll have to make a few substitutions, but I think they're straightforward.

I wonder if you could master the corn into a chowder, perhaps with the help of some nut milk.

Try sprouting your nuts and grains for some variation in your salad. I know that I'm allergic to almonds, be they raw or toasted, but if you soak them for a day or so I'll be able to eat them.

My buddy makes raw apple pie that I think you could have. The site he gets recipes from,, is down right now so I can't provide a link.
also, have you tried making carrot chips and apple chips in the dehydrator?
no, but those are just snacks, I have no problems with snacks, I am looking for meals :o)
I'll see what I can do with all of those suggestions, thank you :o)
For hearty stuff, have you tried Eggplants, Zuchinni and squash?

Zuchinni and Eggplant are good if you coat them in olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, and grilled.

A soup made with squash is very good as well.
I can't have any of those foods right now. I should be able to add back in zucchini and eggplants eventually but squash is out.
I don't have a recipe for you, but what about making some kind of vegetable patty?