fair fight (red_cross_kid) wrote in winnipegveg,
fair fight

free kitty

hey all. i have an incredibly cute cat up for grabs. i found her when she was like 2 weeks old, abandoned in an alley. im extremly allergic to her, so shes been bouncing from house to house for the past couple of years. she got locked under a kitchen sink while our house burnt down three years ago and our other two cats died. since then she cant deal with being around other cats. so if you are presently cat-free, and are thinking about getting one, or are amazed by her super-hero-esq survival skills, please consider taking her. shes 5, spayed and has had all her shots. shes short-haired white with grey splotches, and comes complete with a litter box and lots of toys. shes really sweet and affectionate and will keep your toes warm all winter while she purrs. ive been asking random religous people and old ladies in cat sweatshirts but no one seems to need a cat right now. the people shes presently living with are moving and cant take her so i need someone soon. my only other option is a shelter where im afraid she'll either sit in a cage being sad or get killed. please?! anyone?! kell
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